Numatic TTB 1840G Twintec Battery Scrubber Dryer

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1 x 1 Cordless convenience with TwinTec Battery machine providing long battery runtime, off-board charging station
The TwinTec 1840 machine has been designed to address the question of size being exceptionally compact, yet with performance equal to bigger. The compact design really does allow this machine to clean in areas normally cleaned by hand, yet 30% to 40% faster and better with rotating parabolic squeegee system. Brush speed 150rpm, equaling the performance of bigger machines. • Quieter Cleaning • Cordless Convenience • A Tool For Every Job - Wide range of accessories, pads and brushes available. • Compact & Convenient • User Comfort - Find the perfect working position with fully adjustable handle. • Clean, Dry, Hygienic and Safe Floors in Minutes • 60 Mins runtime • 1 Hour fast charge • NX300 high-power lithium battery pack